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Sustainable Integration

Design, Build, Monitor, Repeat. ♻️

Is your current integration approach flexible enough to adapt to future technology changes?

Designing, Monitoring and Maintaining cloud integrations can be complex and time-consuming. The Comentec Business Integration Suite (CBIS) simplifies and streamlines this process with tools for design, monitoring, management, and collaboration – empowering you to close the loop on your integration lifecycle and achieve a sustainable approach.

Our suite consists of three pillars, that all focus on reducing the effort and increasing the quality of your integrations.

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Directory :

  • Keep an overview of the HR integrations, identify reusability and prioritize integrations development
  • Keep track of the type of data consumed by each system

Templates :

  • Reduce effort to build custom integrations while keeping high quality
  • Ensure a consistent integration development environment

Monitoring :

  • Provide visibility about running integrations and meaningful information to the right users.
  • Facilitate the coordination between the teams and track integration issue resolution

Want to learn more about our approach and how the suite optimally supports this? Simply drop us a line, and we’d love to have a conversation with you.

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70% Savings on your total integration cost

1 week To establish a working data migration

Migrate from SAP HCM to Employee Central with confidence

Comentec Business Integration Suite: Proven methodology and software to drive the migration to Employee Central

Early data migration is a critical component of any successful Employee Central implementation. Discovering early and validating how all of your SAP HCM data behaves and looks in the future EC environment will provide the business and implementation team with the confidence to know what needs to be done to complete the implementation on time and on budget.

To do this you need the knowledge, tools and methodology. Based on years of experience and migrating more than 1 million employees from SAP HCM to Employee Central, we have developed the Business Integration Suite (BIS) for Employee Central. BIS provides you with a proven methodology and software to drive the migration to Employee Central.

The digital transformation journey to the Intelligent Enterprise has many stations from EC to Talent to Payroll, etc. Employee Central, for many, is the logical first step because it holds the Core HR data. Integration is key when migrating from SAP HCM to Employee Central. This is especially true when you integrate back to your SAP HCM for downstream business processes.

Systematic approach for SuccessFactors third party integrations

Ensuring your investment in integrations will pay off long term

The best integrations are invisible. They make data flow at the speed and accuracy required by the business processes they enable. Poorly implemented integrations, on the other hand, are highly visible and irritate business users by slowing down business processes and undermining their trust in the data.

Proper design and planning ensure that your investment in integrations will pay off long term and provide a framework for building and operating consistent integrations in an ever evolving system landscape.

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