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Getting Started

An introduction to a framework to implement and monitor your SAP Interfaces

All about the SAP® Application Interface Framework (AIF)

What is SAP® AIF?

The SAP® Application Interface Framework (AIF) is an SAP Add-on that provides a framework to streamline the implementation and monitoring of your day-to-day interfaces.

Built in configuration tools allows easy mapping and validation of business values and business rules. The overall results of the interfaces can be reviewed in the central monitoring cockpit designed for both functional and technical users to oversee the health of their interfaces.

The framework provides easy and efficient interface monitoring, targeted at business users. This reduces the need to go back and forth between operations and support, resulting in improved response times for error handling.

What is SAP® Application Interface Framework?

A quick intro

SAP® Application Interface Framework can help you can drastically reduce your monitoring workload, saving time and money, and easing strain on your team. Check out this video for a quick introduction.

What is SAP® Application Interface Framework?

Key benefits

SAP® Application Interface Framework help streamline response times. It\’s key benefits are: Transparency of interfaces within area of responsibility, Meaningful interface information, Immediate error correction, Mass error handling capability, Integrated user alerts, Error highlighting

What is SAP® Application Interface Framework?

Significant savings

SAP customers have reported significant savings by implementing the SAP® Application Interface Framework. Up to 40% savings for the implementation and maintenance and up to 75% for the monitoring and error handling.

What is SAP® Application Interface Framework?

Management edge

The framework provides transparency in what is happening at the transaction level of the interface. The operational end-user, who is most knowledgeable about the related business process, is in a position to resolve mapping and master data related issues without the help of IT.

Save up to 75% on monitoring and error handling your interfaces

We have designed a getting started program for the SAP Application Interface Framework that is based on our experience in working with organizations of different sizes and industries. Getting the most out of the framework requires looking beyond the tool to the integration of the framework within your organization’s end-to-end integration landscape.



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What is SAP® Application Interface Framework?

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