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How building on SAP CPI ensures accurate and up to date business data

Sharing experiences in building and
deploying integrations on SAP CPI.

Wed. Jun 3rd @ 8AM & 11AM

Making informed business decisions depends on having accurate data. Good integrations connect your data at the speed and accuracy your business needs to make confident and impactful business decisions. Poor integrations undermine this confidence.

Many integrations are built by just focussing on the technical requirements which may reduce the built speed but increases the cost of operation, especially when dealing with errors. Business Integration focuses on aligning IT and the business.

In this session we will cover how having a better integration approach can reduce build costs up to 40% and reduce long term operational costs by 70%

The recording for this webinar can be viewed on this page

Webcast Recording: How building on SAP CPI ensures accurate and up to date business data



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    Webcast: Building SAP Cloud Platform Integrations that ensure accurate and up to date business data

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