Preparing your move from SAP HCM to Employee Central

Hear valuable insights on how to reduce risk in your implementation and increase confidence in your move to the cloud.

This webcast took place Thu. Dec 5th @ 8AM

On this page your will find a recording of the webcast. We presented a webcast together with Grundfos with a focus on how to confidently prepare your move to Employee Central.

We shared how the right type of preparation results in actionable steps that control risk and increase visibility on your entire implementation project. Grundfos\’ Michael and Rikke shared their experiences in preparing. 

This webcast is meant for those that have been long-term SAP HCM customers that have concerns about the complexity of their HCM system, have a global presence and prefer to maintain as much self-sufficiency as possible throughout this digital transformation journey.

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Webcast Recording: Preparing your move from SAP HCM to SuccessFactors Employee Central

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