About Comentec

Are You?

  • You are passionate about design
  • You like working in teams and do what it takes to make the team successful
  • You work best when you are given the freedom to do so
  • You like a creative environment and be surrounded by creative people
  • You like working in an international environment

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Core Values


Our company is made up of individuals who take responsibility when they have enough trust invested in them to feel the freedom to do so.


We act in a way that increases stakeholder value, promotes servant leadership, and honors each other.


We value determination and hate excuses. Success is not owned, it’s rented: and the rent is due every day.


We believe in the power of work-life integration. Passion is a must. Life is too short for the “work sucks” attitude.

Results Only

Employees are evaluated based on performance, not on presence. This means that we control our own time, work where and when we want, so as long as the work gets done. It requires the highest level of personal responsibility, commitment to results, and rewards this by treating employees as adults.

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